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The Academy of Management frequently appears in the media as a result of the work our members are doing every day. We thank our members and encourage you to see what types of things the media are highlighting from the important work done through the Academy of Management.


7/19/2018It’s Time to Make Business School Research More RelevantHarvard Business Review
6/19/2018How to cry at work without the social costQuartz
6/13/2018What Female CEOs Need to SucceedInc.
5/10/2018There's a dark side to friendships at workQuartz
5/9/2018Investors Don't Ask Women Founders the Same Questions as Men. Here's Why That's a ProblemInc.
4/4/2018How Investors Use 'Gut Feel' To Manage RiskForbes
3/16/2018Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman?New York Times
3/12/2018Why All the Bosses in Disney Movies Are TerribleInc.
3/11/2018White male workers respond poorly to women and racial minorities in power and take it out on colleagues: reportNewsweek
1/18/2018Can Workaholism Be Good for You?Strategy+Business
1/18/2018Why some of your old work commitments never seem to go awayOhio State News
12/4/2017Why it can be cruel to be kind in the workplaceFinancial TImes
12/1/2017Working Long Hours Isn’t A Bad Thing If You Love Your JobBusiness News Daily
11/29/2017The Truth About Being a Workaholic: Why It Isn’t Always Bad for YouKnowledge@Wharton
11/28/2017Is it normal to lie about money, work or job skills? What data suggests about lying – and genderMic
11/27/2017Corporations Make Big Climate Promises Only To Retreat After A Few Years, Study FindsHuffington Post
11/14/2017Why some workaholics stay healthy and others get sickThe Globe and Mail
10/13/2017How Female Entrepreneurs Can Beat Investors' Gender BiasForbes
10/1/2017Workaholics, take heart: Long hours aren’t always bad for your healthThe Globe and Mail
9/28/2017How to Work Long Hours and Still Be Healthy, According to ScienceInc.
9/27/2017Why Having Co-CEOs Is A Bad IdeaFast Company
9/8/2017It turns out working around the clock won't kill you — unless you're a specific personality typeBusiness Insider
9/8/2017Being a workaholic isn’t as dangerous to your health as you might thinkGlobalNEWS
9/7/2017Few Risks for Happy WorkaholicsiHeartRadio
9/5/2017When It’s OK to Be a WorkaholicThe Wall Street Journal
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