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Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) Call for Submissions

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Program Co-chair: Douglas Johnson, Georgia Gwinnett College;
Program Co-chair: Sarika Pruthi, San Jose State University, California;

The 2019 AOM Annual Meeting Submission Center is now OPEN! The Call for Submissions is available below. We recommend reading the submission guidelines  prior to submitting. The submission deadline is January 15, 2018 at 5:00 PM ET for ALL proposals. Good luck and we hope to benefit from your participation at the 2019 Teaching and Learning Conference next August 11 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Interested in volunteering as a reviewer? Visit the Reviewer Sign-Up System to create a user account or log in and choose your areas of expertise. Be sure to check out the reviewer guidelines and resources for additional information. The sign up process takes less than 10 minutes and the review period is January 25-February 14.

On Sunday, August 11, 2019, the Academy of Management Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC@AOM) will host its seventh annual event during the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (August 9-13, 2019). TLC@AOM is a "conference within a conference" designed to help Academy members across all divisions improve their teaching practices in an open forum of shared experience. TLC@AOM features both submitted and invited sessions.

Themes for the 2019 TLC@AOM Conference

Proposals should clearly identify one or more of the following themes:

-Introduction of new teaching formats or learning innovations

-Teaching and learning assessment and associated challenges

-Demographic, geographic, or disciplinary boundaries that may promote or hinder building and leveraging teaching and learning networks

-Connecting teaching and learning practices to employer needs and global workplace trends

-Management of teaching and learning practices

-Curricular design or redesign

-Issues and challenges that arise with students, teaching assistants, or others who impact teaching practices and how those issues or challenges are addressed

Other themes that address teaching and learning practices to include proposals that support the 2019 AOM Conference theme of "Understanding the Inclusive Organization" are welcomed.

Criteria for Acceptance

The same level of quality and academic professionalism is expected as for other AOM conference submissions. More specifically for TLC submissions, every session must include evidence of active audience interaction and engagement, as well as some combination of presentation, discussion, participant reflection and application, simulation, or other form of interactivity. Each submission should also clearly articulate the goals of the presentation to include what and how the material will be presented, as well as the takeaways that an attendee should expect to receive by participating in the session.

TLC Submission Guidelines:

Please follow the guidelines and formatting instructions below to draft your proposal. Please note that proposals will NOT be reviewed if these guidelines and instructions are not met.

  1. Page 1- Cover Page includes:
  2. -The title of presentation (in Title Case)
  3. -The Academy-assigned 5-digit submission number
  4. -Statement to indicate that ALL presenters on the proposal agree to register and attend the 2019 TLC@AOM Conference should the submission be accepted.
  5. -Identification of the theme(s) for the proposal (see list of "Themes for the 2019 TLC Conference" listed above).
  6. Pages 2-5 include:
  7. Topic: Describe the topic of your presentation.  What you are planning to do?  How does the topic fulfill the theme(s) identified on the Cover Page?
  8. Interest: Why would this topic be of interest to conference attendees?
  9. Method: Describe your presentation methods - lecture, visual aids, video, etc.
  10. Audience Involvement: Describe how you will involve the audience.
  11. Takeaways: Be explicit about what the audience will be able to take away from your presentation.  In other words, how can attendees apply the information to improve their teaching?
  12. Time Management: Indicate the presentation time requested: 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Also provide a breakdown of how the time will be utilized with minutes for each segment of the presentation and explain how each presenter will be involved in the presentation of the materials.
  13. Proposals must not exceed 5 pages.

To facilitate the blind review process,REMOVE ALL AUTHOR-IDENTIFYING INFORMATION, including acknowledgements, from the uploaded document. Note: You will still include ALL authors associated with your submission during the submission process, but not in your uploaded proposal (given the length of the sessions, the number of presenters included should be limited to a maximum of six). The author information provided will appear in the printed and online Program.

NOTE: Any proposal that appears to market a product or service is not suitable for the AOM Teaching and Learning Conference and will be rejected.

If you prefer to discuss your ideas prior to submitting a proposal, please contact no later than December 15, 2018. Please review the TLC Submission Guidelines prior to submitting a proposal.

The deadline for all submissions is Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). All proposals must be submitted through the AOM online submission system

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